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If you want to calculate any statistics split into the different categories of a variable, you can do this easily in SPSS. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Click on “Data” from the pull-down menus
  2. Click on “split file” found almost all the way at the bottom of the list of commands
  3. Toggle the circle at the top that says “Compare groups”
  4. You will now be allowed to move the variable you want to split your data by, from the box on the left into the “Groups Based on:” box on the right .
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Statistical estimation is the technique of making inferences (or estimates) about a population based on sample data. Because we cannot know precisely what is happening with a population, we can only make our best informed assessments from what we know of our random sample.… Read More “Calculating Confidence Intervals in SPSS”


Chi-Square in SPSS

Calculating a chi-square statistic in SPSS is quite simple, as long as you have two categorical variables. The much harder part is in the interpretation (which we’ll get to way down below). In the example here, we are using 2016 Census (Canada) data with the following variables:

  • School Attendance, asked in the survey as “At any time since September 2015, has this person attended a school, college, CEGEP, or university?”
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